14322433_1646600635651879_7280897673188253657_n“My sister, Sarah, who has Down syndrome, has impacted my life in so many ways, including what I do professionally. Because my family planned for her abilities, she has had many opportunities to live a life of purpose where she impacts people every day. I believe that YOUR CHILD also has the ability to be impactful and I encourage you to view special needs planning as the vehicle that enables your child to live a life of purpose and impact.”

Phillip C. Clark
Founder and President
ENABLE Special Needs Planning

 Our Purpose

When you think of “special needs planning” and all of the decisions that you know you need to make to secure your child’s future, how does that make you feel?

Often, when families come to us for guidance with their planning, it’s because they’re feeling three emotions:

  1. Overwhelmed- They’re overwhelmed by the number of decisions that they know they need to make to effectively plan for the future of their family- and their child with special needs.
  2. Frustrated- Families are often frustrated by the over-abundance of information that exists about planning. The internet can be an amazing resource for information. However, it can also cause a lot of frustration because there are so many conflicting ideas, approaches, and recommendations.
  3. Confused- Most parents share that they are confused about where to begin this ‘huge’ endeavor of planning for their family’s future. They understand that their child and their situation is unique. And often ask ‘How can we know that we are doing everything appropriately for our situation?’

You may be experiencing these same emotions right now. Because of the complexities of special needs planning, these emotions are natural.

At ENABLE Special Needs Planning, we understand your feelings and can help guide you through the process of planning for your loved one with special needs. Our intention is to make your planning process as easy, efficient, and affordable as possible so that you feel well-prepared for the future.

Every member of our team has been personally impacted by a loved one with special needs. The families we serve choose to work with us because our personal experiences allow us to serve from a place of empathy, honesty, and commitment.

What this means is that we understand a family’s desire to provide every opportunity for their child with special needs to live a purposeful and impactful life that inspires everyone in their path. We help families connect this desire with meaningful comprehensive planning strategies that address the needs of the entire family. We can help you achieve peace of mind through planning.